Request and get your subdomain!

Which is a really easy process!

But before we get into it, here's some explanation to most of the stuff. Reading is recommended, but you can always skip it.

What is a subdomain?

If you need to ask this question, then requesting one is probably not the right idea, but let me give you a quick explanation anyway:

A subdomain is a domain that belongs to another domain, in this case anything in front of So, for example, where mysite is the subdomain. Really, that's it.

And what can I use it for?

For anything you like! A link to your personal site, any kind of profile, whatsoever!

If I get one, how can I use it?

Really depends on how you want to use it and how your technical understanding is. I can provide any kind of domain record for

If you just want a subdomain to link to one of your social profiles or any random domain, then also plain links are possible, for the sake of simplicity! Or, if you have a gaming/voice/whatever-server, you can give me your IP and people will be able to connect to your server using your very own domain, isn't that cool?

Before you request a subdomain, check the preferred profile sites if they provide a custom domain feature. this includes several sites like Tumblr or Medium. These provide instructions you need to share with me, so I can easily link the subdomain to your profile! (of course this will not give me direct access)

Is it free?

You'd wish it was, right? Sadly I can't provide this as a free service, for several reasons. Mostly because costs $40 a year, which is quite expensive (for a domain), even if it's absolutely worth the money. And as I just hand out subdomains like that, there always is kind of a risk to it, as people tend to do stupid stuff on the internet, so with paying/donating a small amount of money that probably will make them think twice about this.

Yet I also don't want to make this too expensive I'm going with the simple amount of $5 per subdomain (or more, if you want to help out). Not per year, month or whatsoever, just a single payment. Sure, considering I have to do a yearly payment myself this is pretty stupid, but I simply have no way to process yearly payments automated...and it's just a subdomain, nothing too special that should cost a fortune.

Matters of payment will be exactly discussed after the request is made. I only accept PayPal for this. And if you for whatever reason decide to refund the payment, then you might as well just lose any right to the subdomain you requested.


Even if I try to run this as long as possible, there might be downtimes coming from the domain or DNS authority, so I can't assure full 100% of uptime for any user. You getting a subdomain is accepting this risk and not suing me over this, etc. pp.

If I find out you host whatever illegal content with that domain, I might take it down without prior notice. If there are other reasons (which I guess will never happen), there will always be a notice going out to all users affected.

Okay, you've got me in on this, how can I get one now?

First of all, check the list if your subdomain is still available.

If your domain of choice is still free, click the button below to open your favored mail-sending solution, so you can send me an old fashioned email with your request. Don't worry, it already includes a template you just need to fill out!